If you are having troubles with your bandwidth resources then a good bandwidth monitoring software is just the thing for you.

A bandwidth monitor software is a special type of software used to check and analyze the issues affecting your network’s productivity.

Here are some more useful info about bandwidth monitoring:

  • bandwidth monitoringA bandwidth monitor particularly helps sort out and monitor the bandwidth usage in your network. It traces out all the applications as well as servers that are using the bandwidth.
  • Once the information is tracked down, it will be stored in a database which will then be analyzed.
  • The bandwidth monitor sends the administrator a signal or alert about the bandwidth usage in your network or if your bandwidth is experiencing malfunctions or irregularities.
  • You bandwidth monitor can also help you track down the traffic between your computer network and Internet.
  • Network bandwidths typically run with any type of SNMP or Simple Network Management Protocol devices. This includes routers, network attached storage, servers, gateways, and printers among many others.
  • A network bandwidth monitor should be connected to a computer that runs 24 hours everyday. This way, the software and efficiently monitor your bandwidth and network activity.