Network traffic monitoring is a term not often encountered by simple computer users. This system however, plays an important role in productivity of a computer network.

A network traffic monitor tool is a computer tool that checks and monitors the local area network. This system is especially designed to check if all of the computers in the network are functioning properly.

To learn more about this, here some info about network monitoring tool:

  • A network traffic monitoring tools plays a critical role in your computer network. It is used to inspect and see if all of your computers are functioning properly.
  • A network traffic monitoring tools will alert the network administrator if a computer is experiencing malfunctions. This may include virus, internet connection failure, and even power outages.
  • A network monitoring tools also informs the administrator to problems such as caused by lost connections, overloaded systems as well as crashed servers.
  • network traffic monitor toolNetwork monitoring is mostly done by sending a “ping” or an echo request across the IP network. If the computer is taking too long to respond or if it does not respond, the monitor will inform the administrator about this problem.
  • Most network traffic monitoring system is connected to a dedicated power line to ensure that the system is always on.